At Home In Maine

It is a Sunday in late January, and outside my window is a scene of white on white…lots of snow sitting peacefully in the sunshine. The temperature is hovering at around 10 degrees which is up from overnight and the past few days. Ah, balmy! Reading Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life and loving it. As always, when I read a foodie book, written by one of my “people” I am obsessed with cooking. This morning, the only day in the week that an actual old fashioned breakfast is eaten in our house, I almost went ahead with my plan for serving my egg loving darling mate two deep fried battered boiled eggs with a side of bacon wrapped avocado. I relented however, at the last minute. Knowing him, so devoted to his two eggs over light with three pieces of bacon (used to be five until I reminded him of how devastated I would be if he dropped dead of high cholesterol) I skipped the boiled egg surprise. Actually, he also loves scrambled eggs or a cheese omelet with the addition of whatever is to hand like mushrooms, ham, leftover any meat, or all of the aforementioned And, of course, cheese.  Although, I have yet to get him to try a jelly omelet like my Aunt Sis used to make for the family and appreciative summer guests when she and my mother owned and ran a guesthouse on Cape Cod in the fifties. Oh well, to each his (or her) own.  He is also a “meat and potatoes man” (was that a Gary Cooper line?) who was brought up to eat everything and anything served him, by a conscientious mother. Lucky for me, his mother’s training makes him my perfect companion (well, that and a few other compatible attributes)  because although he would be happy to exist on beef, pork, chicken and sausage with a potato cooked any way at all, no vegetables and never a salad, he has always complimented every meal I have served him. Also, he has grown used to, and actually likes salads as long as they feature baby spinach, feta, and Greek Kalamata olives.  Because he is my best friend forever, I balance the menus with his favorites and my experiments.   

We moved back to New England in May 2013 after a long hiatus away. New England born and raised, both of us love this northeastern edge of the continent, and until we took the biggest lifestyle leap we could ever imagine and sold our antique sea captains’ house on Cape Cod to move to a 44′ boat in retirement, we expected to spend the rest of our lives on that Atlantic pointing peninsula stuck onto the right hip of Massachusetts.


Haven’t seen one yet, but hope to, soon.

More on our reasons for moving to Maine, buying a charming former summer cottage built in 1910, added onto and restored to make it a year round house while respecting the integrity of its early charm, and settle into what we are calling, a la M.F.K. Fisher, our Last House, in future blogs.



About cynthiamysteryauthor

I am a painter of Narrative Maritime Americana Primitives turned mystery writer. My writing career began as a free-lance local news reporter for a highly acclaimed south of Boston daily. My painting career began in my commercial painter father's studio when he taught me to mix colors at age four. Both parents attended art school and although my father turned to sign design and painting to support the family and my mother got into interior decorating and was the pastry chef for Chillingsworth French Restaurant in Brewster on Cape Cod, their first love was sketching portraits. My mentors, Ralph and Martha Cahoon, renowned primitive painters who settled in Osterville on Cape Cod in the ninteen-forties, sealed my fate as a primitive painter. Living on historic Cape Cod and being addicted to history, I began to tell stories on canvas. Cape Cod Life magazine called my work, "time travel on canvas". A folk art quilt was purchased by the Tokyo, Japan National Art Gallery for their permanent collection and my paintings and primitive hooked rugs are in private collections world-wide. I wrote my first novel (unpublished, of course) at fifteen and since then, have always written. Falling in love with British mysteries steered me into my current bliss. Agatha Christie is the mother of cozies and cozies suit me just fine because I can "paint" the settings and the quirky characters with my laptop rather than paint brushes and paints. I never set my stories in places I do not know intimately. In fact, a foray to Puerto Rico last year to do research led us to decide to escape from Cape Cod cold and snow to the sunny Caribbean this winter and forevermore. Back to Cape Cod to live on our forty-four boat every summer, however. We sold our antique sea captain's house on Cape Cod, down-sized our belongings, move aboard and semi-retired; I to write mysteries and Ken to write an economy blog. Life is good.
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