This year I will drag out all my old stuff!

I think of them as dusty and languishing, but all those books I’ve written for decades are indeed safe and sound in my flash drive collection. This year I plan to continue writing the books in my two cozy mystery series because I love my readers and want to keep them happy. However, I will be dragging out some old stuff for rewriting and polishing. I am a better writer now, thus the old stuff will benefit from what I’ve learned along the way.  Also, based on a couple of comments from my still perplexed children who have never fully grasped why their once rooted mother in love with her house and “things”, her vegetable and herb gardens, putting up the fall harvest into  pickles, jams, tomato sauce, etc. actually chose to be “homeless”. Hey, gypsies do it, so why not us? Yes, the woman they thought they knew so well sold house, furnishings, Mason jars and almost five hundred favorite books to hit the road. Has mother lost her mind? No, she just finally got it that life is short and since she had done that (the aforementioned) stuff for many years did not mean she had to continue on that same path. It’s an age thing. When my second husband and I sold the homestead and nearly everything in it, we moved to a forty-four foot boat. From there, after a few years, we returned to land, temporarily. Then, we learned that people with no mortgage payments, roof leaks to repair, lawns to mow and utilities to pay (think heating bills in New England), in other words, “homeless” have a lot of fun options.

      Long story shortened for this missive: time to write a book for others considering voluntary homelessness. We have learned a lot and want to share. Image Throwing Caution to the Wind: Making the choice to be “homeless” probably first as a Kindle Single and then, after all the other dusting and updating and series writing, a full blown book. Here’s to all those who know that roots firmly planted in the ground are for trees… and the dead.  Happy New Year 2012. Don’t let the Mayans get you down!

P.S. My former career was a painter of Narrative Maritime Americana Primitives.

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Help for INDIE writer/publishers

The most important lesson I learned once I began my self-publishing company–Cape Cod Cozies & Mysteries, INK–was the importance of finding a proof reader, ASAP. The big publishers used to hire the very best editors and proofreaders to guarantee clean copy. Then, with falling revenues, these valuable people got the axe. Have you noticed that too many errors show up even in the big guys books? The competition between Us and Them is racing along at a fast pace. For the first time ever, good writers who used to end up in slush piles or worse, have their chance to engage readers. In addition, we don’t have offices, staff, expense accounts and two martini lunches to support so we can undersell them and make up the sales in quantity. Sure, no big advances but we get our reward regardless. So much more important to us serious writers who value our readers is the fact that we are being read!!! However, the dire need for proofreaders has reared its demanding head and the great thing about this is, a new niche for talented people working from home. Thanks to Facebook, it only took one day following my feeler put out to find a proofer, to find three. We employed a terrific woman who has worked in publishing, editing, and proof reading, now working from home doing magazine writing and a hodge podge of things for which she is highly capable.
There is a new burgeoning niche for these talented people. Of course, the pay is not like the big guys paid but, as we told our new proof reader, she will grow with us. Hey, when I sell a million Kindles you can bet she will be well rewarded. For now, a nice Christmas bonus and regular work from us looks like the magic we needed. Encourage these great saviors of our typos, etc. and please your discerning readers today. We got a lot of nasty critiques from readers in the beginning. Thankfully, the majority loved my stories, settings and characters although the mistakes bugged them. We learned from our readers and thank them for their honesty and loyalty. Let’s hear it for readers and proof readers. INDIES, get a proofreader and keep on writing!

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